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French bulldog puppies do not have as many behavioral issues as many other breeds. This is why we insist French bulldogs are the best breed in the world; but by no means we are saying they can not enable a behavior that can be undesirable for the new puppy owner. The most common issue families encounter is the propensity for chewing which can be corrected by directing the puppy towards his chew toys.

It can be very frustrating when you have an French bulldog that has one or more behavioral issues; but the most important thing is to remember that the puppy does not know you don’t like that behavior. Once you realize the fact that your new puppy thinks he is acting normal then you can put your frustration aside so that you can see what is causing that behavior and be able to take the steps necessary to change it.

There are several reasons why a dog may engage in undesirable or destructive behavior. Some of those reasons can be:

lack of attention, interesting smells that make them dig, they get bored, they start teething, or get affected by stress etc.

A lot of times bulldogs may show signals that may indicate a bad behavior but often this happens when the dog feels lonely, ignored, neglected or simply no training has been provided by the owners. Other things that cause an unexpected change in behavior can be:

Health issues: A lot of times when they feel ill, in pain, or experience a psychological event; dogs can start acting out. It is important to receive veterinarian feed back if you notice a sudden change in your dog’ behaivor.

Bad diet: Keep in mind that French bulldogs need a good combination of carbohydrates, proteins, and minerals. If the puppy or adult bulldog is receiving too much or too little of one of this categories a change in the activity level may occur specially if you use sugars and starches as part of the diet of your pet.

Exercise: Even though French bulldogs are part of the non- sporting breed group and their activity level is quite low; we recommend that your bulldogs receives daily exercise. With adults, walking around the block will help, and with puppies playtime with the family is the best. This will prevent the puppy or adult to become bored and to start engaging destructive behaviors.

Lack of Leadership: As you may know French bulldogs are somewhat stubborn and tend to do things their way. Some times they even start acting out because they think they are their own masters and even yours too. It is of utmost importance to show the bulldog who is the pack leader to prevent an unwanted behavior. Keep in mind that taking the role as pack leader should happen immediately after your bring an French bulldog puppy home for the first time but in case you are having difficulties with your older bulldog it is never too late to start.